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Re: network connection

On Sat, Mar 03, 2007 at 12:09:38PM +0100, halesnil wrote:
> There is message in log:
> [notice] conn_close_if_marked(): Something wrong with your network 
> connection? We tried to write () bytes to addr [scrubbed] (fd 12, type 
> OR, state 5) but timed out. (Marked at main.c:715)
> Several like entries every day. Sites loaded normal speed when tor first 
> started, loaded very slowly after entries. Didn't touch router or 
> anything. How to find out what's wrong with connection?

Not necessarily anything; this log message happens when Tor gives up
on a closing connection before it can write all the data it has to
write on that connection.  This could mean that your network
connection is unable to write, or (more likely) your Tor was talking
to a computer that failed to .  Assuming you're using a recent version
( or, you'll only see it if you're running a
server; usually, it's nothing to worry about on its own.

Then again, now that I look at it, this is a really _awful_ error
message.  It's not clear, and not helpful.  I'll try to change it
before the next -rc release comes out.  Thanks!

Nick Mathewson

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