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Re: pop3 and smtp over ssl [was: ssh]

Freemor wrote:
> If you use the port forwarding feature of ssh then you don't need to
> worry about the exit nodes (other then that they allow ssh). once the
> ports have been forwarded by ssh you'd connect to them on localhost and
> they would get tunnelled through the ssh connection so all the tor
> network would see is the ssh connection going on.
> hope this helps
> Freemor

My fault it should have read ssl not ssh. I knew what I meant, just
wrote it wrong, sorry. Corrected the subject line.

> On Mon, 2007-05-03 at 12:58 +0800, Kees Vonk wrote:
>> I would like to connect to a pop3 and smtp server over ssh server (ports
>> 995 and 465) via tor, but I seems that a lot of exit nodes do not allow
>> connections to these ports (even though they are always authenticated).
>> Is there a way of specifying that I only want exit nodes that allow
>> these ports. If not, can I create a list of exit nodes that allow these
>> ports and tell tor to only use the nodes on that list (or the reverse of
>> course: a list of nodes not allowing these ports and tell tor not to use
>> them).
>> Kees
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