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Re: pop3 and smtp over ssh

If you use the port forwarding feature of ssh then you don't need to
worry about the exit nodes (other then that they allow ssh). once the
ports have been forwarded by ssh you'd connect to them on localhost and
they would get tunnelled through the ssh connection so all the tor
network would see is the ssh connection going on.

hope this helps

On Mon, 2007-05-03 at 12:58 +0800, Kees Vonk wrote:
> I would like to connect to a pop3 and smtp server over ssh server (ports
> 995 and 465) via tor, but I seems that a lot of exit nodes do not allow
> connections to these ports (even though they are always authenticated).
> Is there a way of specifying that I only want exit nodes that allow
> these ports. If not, can I create a list of exit nodes that allow these
> ports and tell tor to only use the nodes on that list (or the reverse of
> course: a list of nodes not allowing these ports and tell tor not to use
> them).
> Kees


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