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Re: pop3 and smtp over ssl [was: ssh]


I connect to various safe-mail accounts through "secure POP" (over
SSL, port 995) to read my mail and have never problems. Or better to say that when the tor exit node doesn't connect to safe-mail, I just try again a few minutes later and usually it is ok. My mail program (Thebat) even does it all alone, it checks email every xx minutes, as I wish.

Sending mail is another story :) It is quite impossible in SMTP on 25 as in secure SMTP on 465, as most tor exit nodes block traffic to these ports. So, to send email, better is to connect to a web
interface (in https of course), safe-mail is fine for this too.


Monday, March 5, 2007, 10:53:05 AM, you wrote:

> I would like to connect to a pop3 and smtp server over ssl (ports 995
> and 465) via tor, but I seems that a lot of exit nodes do not allow
> connections to these ports (even though they are always authenticated).
> Is there a way of specifying that I only want exit nodes that allow
> these ports. If not, can I create a list of exit nodes that allow these
> ports and tell tor to only use the nodes on that list (or the reverse of
> course: a list of nodes not allowing these ports and tell tor not to use
> them).