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blog about tor and skype

I read in this blog http://www.hermann-uwe.de/blog/howto-anonymous-communication-with-tor-some-hints-and-some-pitfalls

in the comment/reply section:

Not meant for privacy It seems like there's a slight misunderstanding here. This setup is not going to anyonymize all of your Skype telephony traffic, but will only allow you to tunnel connections to the Skype servers through TOR. As such, your peer-to-peer traffic will not be anonymized, and even your telephony traffic to the skype servers may be unencrypted. You just fake your IP address towards the skype authentication server, that's all.
I do not understand this paragraph.  Doesn't "tunnel connections ... through TOR" mean encrypting the traffic, whether voice or text?

If I send a text message in skype through tor, is it or is it not encrypted by tor?

If I make a skype call through tor, is the voice traffic encrypted by tor?

Finally, please tell me how to configure skype to use tor -- I have confidence in tor's protective power :-)

Thanks for replying.

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