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Re: Noobie Configuration Questions

On tuesday, 2007-03-06 23:52 Jason Edwards wrote:
> Hey guys...
> I have some noobie questions if anyone has time.
> When I visit showmyip.com it recognizes that I am using Tor ALTHOUGH
> the information regarding my internet browser, operating system and
> type of computer I use is still accurate. Am I doing something wrong
> or is that unavoidable?

The browser (and OS...) you're using depends on your browser:) Configure 
something nice in firefox under address about:config -> 
general.useragent.override. But care, "Mozilla Firefox Linux" works 
fine, "Firefox Linux" for instance breaks some things (eg. 
bugs.kde.org), a too strange useragent may make you trackable again,
it's also possible to leave it empty, play with it!

Privoxy provides an option "hide-user-agent", see 

> If I should still use Privoxy, is there a configuration which provides 
> the best anonymity? Should I adjust the predefined Actions (cautious, 
> medium, advanced), try to find someone to give me the best custom 
> configuration, or just leave it alone?

You should read the privoxy user-manual and adjust the predefined 
actions and add your own... It's your world!

Most important seems an aware handling of cookies, js and so on.
Have a look at noscript https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/722/
and flashblock http://flashblock.mozdev.org/

Your other questions are out of my scope.