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Re: Building tracking system to nab Tor pedophiles

Thus spake Paul Syverson (syverson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx):

> I don't think it was off topic. To repeat what I already said in
> an individual response.
>   I think it was not OT since your post addressed the reality of a
>   situation for which people were designing Tor modifications and
>   deployments and you evaluated their applicability to intended
>   application.

Good. Solid post all around then.

> I had advocated something similar some time ago. Actually what I proposed
> was that some sort of test server be set up. I know there are already
> many of them, but I was thinking that there could be testing stages
> in an install wizard (or a post-install testing wizard)
> that takes the user through various tests and what to do in response
> to results. I know a lot of work, maybe another suggestion to be
> listed on the volunteer page or a candidate for summer of code?
> You dream big (not sure which is the bigger dream ;>)

Heheh, well speaking of dreaming big, while both what you and Jason
Edwards said are great goals to have, I think we shouldn't get
distracted from "stopping the bleeding" now with a few sentences right
up front while something more elaborate is devised (or a volunteer
steps up).

The problem is if it isn't right on the download page and translated
into most languages, people will just assume they are good to go
without bothering to read the FAQ until something breaks (as Jason
pointed out). I also fall into this category with most software (even
stuff I develop for ;).

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs