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Re: Security Focus story

repeat after me: it's "Tor", _NOT_ "TOR"  :)

On 3/9/07, Alexander W. Janssen <alexander.janssen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
No; the point is if you'd qualify as an "access provider" you need to
enable "relevant logging". ETSI already defined interfaces and
data-sets which would come quite handy.

<data_retention> i have a policy that law breakers will leave evidence in logs and set the "evil bit" on all packets! [0][1]

if it does get close to that bad over in EU, don't run Tor nodes in
data centers.  once those canaries have died begin to worry about that
DSL exit...

0. "i have a policy..."

1. RFC 3514 - The Security Flag in the IPv4 Header