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Re: How to run Tor from USB with Linux (Kubuntu 6.10)

--- Ringo Kamens <2600denver@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> It depends. When you do apt-get install tor which
> dependencies did it download?

I didn't apt-get, I built Tor from source.

> You'll need to find the deb packages for those
> dependencies and also copy them to the flash drive.

I am planing on running the USB from my Kubuntu OS.  I
assume that I could install the Tor dependencies on
the HDD...if there are any to install which are not
present by default in Kubuntu-desktop 6.10 that is. 

I was under the impression that Tor dependencies
(OpenSSL?, etc) are installed on the HDD and Tor stuff
(Tor, torrc, tor-resolve, source, etc) could be placed
onto the USB.    

I intend to install Tor, Vidalia and Polipo onto my

Here's a neat script to find -dev and regular
dependencies for a source.  This script is generally
used before building a .deb package but could be
useful for Tor on a USB:
       strace -f -o /tmp/log ./configure
       # or make instead of ./configure, if the
package doesn't use autoconf
       for x in `dpkg -S $(grep open /tmp/log|\
                           perl -pe 's!.*
open\(\"([^\"]*).*!$1!' |\
                           grep "^/"| sort | uniq|\
                           grep -v
"^\(/tmp\|/dev\|/proc\)" ) 2>/dev/null|\
                           cut -f1 -d":"| sort |
uniq`; \
             do \
               echo -n "$x (>=" `dpkg -s $x|grep
^Version|cut -f2 -d":"` "), "; \

> The best course of action might just to be to have
> a bash script on your flash drive that 
> automatically installs it.

I do not understand what you mean in the above
sentence.  The script would install what, Tor?  Do you
mean the batch would install Tor onto the USB?  Could
you post an example?


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