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Re: How to run Tor from USB with Linux (Kubuntu 6.10)

--- Roger Dingledine <arma@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> You could also try compiling a static Tor if you
> want it to be actually portable.

Do you have any links that might explain the static
build process?  I found a couple of old or-dev topics
and some other pages but nothing describing the

> For libraries, or things like Vidalia, I would say
> that "copy it over, see if it works, add what's
> missing, repeat" is a fine strategy.

Yes, I'll do the old "see what sticks" method for the

I read a how-to in the Vidalia FAQ for installing
Vidalia onto a USB (not sure if it's stand-alone or
not) and I also read directions for a stand-alone
Polipo on USB.  Those should be pretty straight

> Hope that helps,
> --Roger

Definity.  If anyone is interested I could write up a
little Wiki how-to on this process...granted I get it
to work.


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