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Re: How to run Tor from USB with Linux (Kubuntu 6.10)

On Fri, Mar 09, 2007 at 09:11:50PM -0800, light zoo wrote:
> I have compiled Tor and I want to run it off my USB
> HDD but I'm not sure how.  Should I just copy over the
> build directory ~/tor- If so what are
> essential files? 

Should be pretty straightforward. Just grab src/or/tor and you're on
your way, assuming your OS has the library dependencies. You could also
try compiling a static Tor if you want it to be actually portable.

You might also want tor-resolve, but only if you actually want it.

For libraries, or things like Vidalia, I would say that "copy it over,
see if it works, add what's missing, repeat" is a fine strategy.

> What should the "DataDirectory" option be set to?

Whatever you want. :) If you want Tor to store its cache files and state
to your USB key, then point it there. If you want it on your hard drive,
point it there. But you should put it somewhere where you'll use it
again next time; that is, you don't want to be deleting the DataDirectory
between invocations.

Hope that helps,