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Re: GSoC project scope and direction

--- DJ Gallagher <daniel.j.gallagher@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> My favorite idea is the USB image. 

By image do you mean ISO to boot a Windows OS from

> I've been meaning to throw something like that 
> together for WinXP, and can think of occasions
> where it might have come in handy. Like TorPark, I
> imagine I would use PortableApps as the basis for
> my work, then add anonymization, minor bug fixes
> and config changes.

Come over to #tor on IRC, I've just about completed a
tar.gz for USB for my project TorToGo for linux
(Windows version next week).  TTG has vidalia, polipo,
tor, firefox (gaim w/otrm soon) all comipled
statically and are portable. 

TTG is still alpha and only to version 0.1.01a. Any
suggestions, requests, fixes, etc are welcome

> A plug'n'play hidden apache server would be
> fantastic.

TorToGo includes Polipo which also includes a local
web sever that is small and efficent.  I havn't tested
it and no one else has I know of but the auth of
Polipo is friends with Tor and open to patches,etc.  

You might want to test running a hidden service using
polipo and checking it security, etc and write
something up? (This would not work for GSOC and the
devs have more important stuff for you to do I'm

Then users could have their HS on USB, portable and


The fish are biting. 
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