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Re: Tor + Hushmail?

Firewall all outbound traffic from your workstation except for that 
reaching the Tor server. Enable Java and Javascript in your browser. 
There is a still a possibility of internal address leakage (from the Java 
applet calling the socket APIs), but your external address should not be 
visible to hushmail.com. 

Keep in mind that even after you create an account, you still need to have 
Java and Javascript enabled to access your email. You might want to pick 
a different mail provider and just manually PGP and paste your messages 
into the web form.


On Monday 12 March 2007 14:25, Jason Edwards wrote:
> Does anyone know how to create a Hushmail account using Tor.  The site
> runs Java so privoxy, no script forbid access.  I don't want to disable
> them if my IP will be viewed/logged when I create an account. Any
> ideas?