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Odd, but legal, config file problems.

I just made a minor change to my torrc, and sent a hup (reload) to the server

Mar 12 16:56:27 stbmac Tor[8276]: Received reload signal (hup).
Reloading config.\n
Mar 12 16:56:27 stbmac Tor[8276]: Failed to parse/validate config:
SocksPort, TransPort, NatdPort, and ORPort are all undefined?
Mar 12 16:56:27 stbmac Tor[8276]: Reading config failed--see warnings
above. For usage, try -h.\n
Mar 12 16:56:27 stbmac Tor[8276]: Restart failed (config error?). Exiting.\n

In my case: I have a separate tor client providing SocksPort, and a
server providing ORPort. I needed to start shutting down, while being
used, so I edited out ORPort on the server config, and reloaded it.

The result?
1, An invalid config file isn't "ignored" -- it causes a crash. Probably bad.
2. A valid config file that doesn't allow new connections is
considered invalid. Definitely bad.

This is with rc-9.