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Re: server status 'offline'

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From: arma@xxxxxxx
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Subject: Re: server status 'offline'

I believe you're talking about the node MrBenn:


If so,
% telnet 9001
It just times out. You (or your ISP, but probably you) are firewalling
incoming connections on this port.

My software firewall (Zone Alarm) was not configured correctly. Having dealt with that I've left my node running & noticed through the course of today that my server status continues to shift between online & offline.   

Perhaps you're running a Windows firewall that lets things work for a
little while and then locks them down again?

See above. Hardware firewall configured correctly & no error messages or warnings in the log. 

(Another option is that your Tor process isn't running anymore, and the
default Windows behavior is to just time out for a port where no process
is listening.)
Don't believe this to be the case. I'm wondering if this problem might be due in part to the version of windows that I'm running (XP Home). I'm thinking of trying to install Tor on another system running XP Pro but I don't know if this is likely to make that much of a difference. From browsing the server list, it would seem that some people are using XP Pro, so maybe this would be a better choice? Any suggestions/advice would be welcome.