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Using Tor at an on-line advocacy org

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Hey all,
    I do IT for a US public policy organization that won't be
mentioned right now. Very basically, we focus on the First Amendment
redress of/ /grievances thing, sort of like how Moveon.org does it.
Anyway, we are testing the possibility of using Tor to help prevent
being blacklisted by Congressional IT bureaucrats. In conjunction with
this, we'd like to encourage participants (at least donor
participants) to help out by running their own Tor exit nodes to
improve the anonymity and bandwidth capability of the network we've
all come to know and love. I'm all for doing this, but the question
is, how do we do this in a proper manner? My fear is that spreading
the word too much will get us in trouble eventually. Worst case
scenario would be that they blocked ALL known tor nodes, but I think
this is highly unlikely given my first hand experience of the poor
quality of government IT.
    That said, does anyone have experience with this kind of
situation? If so, what do you suggest?


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