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Re: Work on Tor this summer, get paid by Google

Thus spake Roger Dingledine (arma@xxxxxxx):

> The deadline for students submitting applications is _MARCH 24_.
> I've put up a page with more details here:
> http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/SummerOfCode
> and there's a big list of potential projects here:
> http://tor.eff.org/volunteer.html.en#Coding

I just whipped up a TODO and a README file for the TorFlow library, so
if you scanned this list and either didn't see anything interesting,
or just went "TorFlow, buh?" at my item and moved on, maybe it's worth
seeing if any of the stuff in http://tor.eff.org/svn/torflow/README
and http://tor.eff.org/svn/torflow/TODO catches your eye. The stuff
marked "not GSoC" isn't forbidden, it's just less likely that it will
involve enough pure coding to make Google happy.

But if you did see an interesting item on the list, don't let me
distract you from it. Particularly any Windows coding. The Windows
select bug, Polipo port, and the USB drive are all very imporant and
less likely to get done by the main Tor devs who are mostly

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs