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Re: Please RTM!...Re: Please don't recommend Tor Button!

Thus spake light zoo (lightzook@xxxxxxxxx):

> So TorButton needs an update it seems after all. I
> think Mike Perry is working on some other stuff with
> TorButton so maybe he can correct this while he's at
> it.

Ugh, I was really trying to avoid sliding into the position of
TorButton maintainer. Between my day job, TorFlow, and setting up a
fast tor node+webhosting service, I'm not sure I can add TorButton
maintainer to this list without suffering a nervous breakdown..

What I am doing is writing a prototype patch JUST for FF2.0 to support
clearing cookies, history, disabling plugins, and hooking javascript
Date() to make it be UTC-based. After which any other support (other
versions, tweaks, etc) will be have to be done by someone else. It
will be abandonware in approx 2 days, whether I finish or not.

Speaking of which, does anyone know anything about Javascript's
prototype features or XBL hooking? I can hook Date()'s
timezone-revealing functions in a script, but it has to be done inside
a script tag in the current document it seems, which means I have to
insert it into each document's DOM that loads, and I'm not sure even
then if those methods can't be unhooked/bypassed?

Can XBL hook javascript objects? Or is there another alternative?

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs