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Danish Polippix Live CD with TOR, etc

In the Danish IT-Political Association have worked on a CD to promote our rights to privacy, anonymity, fair use, etc. It comes with TOR, Twinkle (with ZRTP), GnuPG, macchanger, libdcss, vlc, etc.

We call it Polippix or the Political CD.

This week we released a version in cooperation with PROSA-bladet
http://www.prosa.dk/prosabladet/ (the front page is a member of parliament holding the Polippix CD in front of parliament)
published by the PROSA, Association of Computer Professionals. Each of the 12000 subscribers got a CD with TOR, twinkle and a lot of other nice stuff.

This version of Polippix also have a TORpark that can be run from the CD on windows computers and QEMU that can run the whole Live-CD from windows.

We got a lot of press from most of the danish medias. E.g. I was demonstrating TOR on the CD on national danish TV tonight.
mplayer -playlist
Several politicians, including the minister of justice have commented on Polippix.

The ISO can be downloaded from http://itpol.dk/ (mirrors listed in the table)

The interest today have been overwhelming. Thousands of downloads have completed successfully, we are limited by our bandwidth, even with many 100 Mbit/s mirrors and torrents.

Most of it is in danish so far, but you will get the idea.

We hope you will welcome the new danish TOR users.

Niels Elgaard Larsen