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Re: how much traffic does an unthrottled middleman draw on 100 MBit/s?

On Tue, Mar 27, 2007 at 06:15:54PM +0200, Gisela Herfel wrote:

> If you do not want to have constant use of 100MB/s you should use the Bandwidth throttle. I don't really see the point in leaving it out if you wish it was restricted anyway.

I don't want it to be restricted artificially (it interferes with directory servers). 
I also don't want to fill up the pipe and go broke.

But it's moot, anyway, since I burned through some 45 GBytes in a couple of days,
which is above what I'm willing to sustain financially at the moment, so I've
throttled the server.

> But as others have said, you _never_ get reliable 100MB/s with any of the affordable Servers anywhere - especially not, if they have large bandwidth allowances or worse "unlimited" offers. This is not even considering any Tor-related issues. For most consumer-level servers you'll get effectively anywhere from 5-30 MBit/s depending on the time of day and the route etc.

I'm a notch above of what is an affordable server, and I see no
reason why a multihomed service can't fill a 100 MBit pipe quite
> Check https://nighteffect.us/tns/index.php with the filter (at the bottom)  "contains" 88.198. or any other of Hetzner's netblocks (there's 24 tor nodes on that /16 subnet).

> I would also advise you to go read in their forums. Officials have stated that above 1 TB per month you either pay x cent per GB (you'll have to let them know well inadvance though), or by default they will throttle you to a 10MBit/s (half-duplex) connection until you show them that it was either a configuration error, or a hacker, and that you took steps to prevent that from happening again. They also mentioned that they keep a closer eye on servers that constantly use more than 0,3 MByte/s or 0,3 MBit/s (can't remember...).

Apropos of having a closer eye on servers, I have a webcam in my
rack (which, however, is currently not recording). I have a couple
of crypto dongles on-site, which should be quite useful for
containing Tor server keys which are operated in uncontrolled
surroundings. Any HOWTO for openct/pkcs15 Tor certs?

> I can't give you references since I don't have access to their forums anymore (customers only), but most of the statements were from within the last 6 months, if you want to search for them there.
> So given that, you should either let them know you'll pay for Traffic above 1TB, or you should use Bandwidthlimits to make sure you stay well below that.

I pay 0.0952 EUR/GByte, with no traffic included. I also
have no illusions about sustainability of such subsidized offers,
because the hoster has clearly no interest in tolerating customers
he's losing money on, and will actively discourage you from
remaining a customer.

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