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Re: how much traffic does an unthrottled middleman draw on 100 MBit/s?

On Tue, Mar 20, 2007 at 04:31:36PM -0400, Roger Dingledine wrote:

> > How much bandwith use can I expect, if unthrottled?
> Well, assuming it's got all the CPU/etc it needs, and is actually
> on a *good* 100Mbps link... the highest throughput Tor server right

shrek2 is unthrottled, and the CPU and memory footprint is in
low 2-10%, while the network throughput is around 3-5% 
of a 100 MBit line (the switch has a Java applet which
displays traffic bar over the ports). It doesn't seem to be getting any more 

Does it take a long time until the server gets more traffic?
I'd rather not go away on a long weekend, and come back to 4 days
worth of full 100 MBit/s pipe.

> now is desync:
> https://nighteffect.us/tns/router_detail.php?FP=50b738e290a4b97b492f30efbefba9d433f1b829
> which is pushing about 2870 kB/s sustained on average (read+write / 2).
> This adds up to a lot of bytes per month. :) And it looks like it's rate
> limited by the default 3MB/6MB rate limiting, so it could be even higher

So the total hardcoded limit is 9 MByte/s?

> if the operator chose to raise its bandwidthrate.
> If you don't give it enough cpu, or your network isn't actually 100mbit,
> or it's 100mbit to the ISP but it's less to the rest of the Internet,

Any Tor people here who're with Hetzner? It's supposed to be
a reasonably good connectivity; I wonder whether this is propaganda,
or they have Tor traffic shaping in their routers.

> then it will be less. I know of several 100mbit connections that are
> using 1500 kB/s, which is quite a bit different, and FoeBud ran one for
> a while that could barely get past 1MB/s (they're at a different ISP and
> happier now).
> I'm not sure what features are most influential in causing some to be
> really fast and others only sort of fast.
> By comparison, the fastest middleman server right now is Tonga, which
> is pushing 1848 kB/s sustained.
> --Roger
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