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Re: Tor Server Affecting Net Access

Quoth brianwc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, on 2007-03-22 23:54:11 -0700:
> I have just realized that running the tor server has been causing serious
> degradation of my internet access (a problem that had me baffled for some
> time.)  My torrc allows 1GB traffic/day.

You have total transfer per day limited, but do you have total
transfer per second limited using BandwidthRate and BandwidthBurst?
If not, I can imagine the Tor server keeping enough bytes going
through during the periods that it's using that 1 GB that there's no
room for anything else.  Or is that not consistent with the problem
you're experiencing; e.g., does having Tor running degrade your
connectivity even when it's known to be hibernating?

in case you haven't seen it before.

   ---> Drake Wilson

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