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Re: Re[2]: Ultimate solution

Quoth Kasimir Gabert <kasimir.g@xxxxxxxxx>, on 2007-03-25 09:26:09 -0600:
[quoting another level]
> · So long as You do not subvert or infringe the freedoms of end-users
> by doing so,

Who determines what qualifies as "subverting or infringing the
freedoms of end-users"?

> You have the freedom to change the software or to use
> parts of it in new Programs; However, these softwares are not allowed
> to be modified to use any commercial proxy or connectivity service or
> product other than those offered by Torrify LLC or the Tor Project,
> without written permission of Torrify LLC.

And this is, I gather, derived from the idea of "you may not start up
a competing service using a modified version of this software".  I
will remain deliberately silent on the question of whether this is
justified, but nonetheless, that clause is non-free in the extreme.

So no, if the above clauses are part of the license in the context in
which they were indicated in the previous message, then Torpark is not
free software.

   ---> Drake Wilson

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