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Re: Ultimate solution

On Fri, 23 Mar 2007 20:13:30 +0800, "Tin Tin" <open07@xxxxxxxxx> said:
> > why spend hundreds and thousands of hours of coding?
> Torpark is a start, no?

Thx but no thx.

1) Torpark is only for windows
2) Torpar is commercial
3) no distributed trust
4) they want you to install flash player for an online tutorial
5) stuck up marketing people say it is offshore. offshore from what?
6) they advertise that Torpark was developed by Hackers. a statement
like that attracts the wrong people

A browser that leaves no traces is great, yes.

I don't believe in commercial anonymity solution. Companies can develop
lots of great useful software but an anonymity service needs to be open
source, not bound to one jurisdiction, decentral and dedicated to
security(not already telling people to install dangerous software like
flash) before they even signed up. How professional is that?

I still believe Tor must be bundled with a browser that is perfectly
configured to be run with Tor. Nothing commercial. Along with a
webserver that starts with Tor and is also preconfigured by Tor
experts(maybe we can bring an Apache expert into the Tor team).
Every user must be a router giving a certain percentage of their
bandwidth otherwise Tor will not work.
The people that object to this can choose to use different software. But
I doubt that there would be any. Looks at all the P2P networks. People
give their bandwith because there is no other way. Nobody complains. -->

Also, I just searched 7 different security communities for the keyword
"Tor". On 6 of them people asked if there was anything faster than Tor.
The number of Tor servers will increase extremey slowly with the current
implementation. Only experts that can figure out how to setup a server
will contribute to the speed. I am not a computer genius but it took me
a while to figure out how a Tor server works. Now how can a noob run a
Tor server.
Only if he is one by default.

But now imagine a total computer noob with and extremely fast connection
who just joined the network. He will doesn't know anything about the
internal workings of Tor and he doesn't have to and still he can
contribute so much to make Tor better by contributing his very fast
internet connectin. If every user has a chance to use a webserver that
is already ready to go a real tor internet will start to evolve and
people won't need to exit the Tor network. There won't be time to check
out www pages if there are tons of Tor pages. :)

Also if the client base becomes the router base the distributed trust
explodes. The biggest contributers in terms of server right now are USA
and Germany.
If they ban anonymity services in Germany(which is not so unlikely) it
is going to be a problem for the network. But if every user is a router,
then even a grandma in Kenia whose nephew set up her Tor software or an
internet cafe in Chile can contribute to distributed trust without
having to configure anything. The number of possible circuits would
explode. And nobody could just start a boulder type attack.

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