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Re[2]: Ultimate solution


I wrote Torpark, so let me respond to your points.

1) Torpark is only for windows at the moment, it will be available for
Mac and Linux shortly.

2) Torpark is not commercial, it is totally free and open source. We
simply offer an upgrade to get higher speeds than the tor network can

3)  The  fact  that  trust  isn't  distributed  is  a  positive, not a
negative,  because you don't have to trust everyone with your outgoing
plaintext traffic. We have independent security auditors make sure our
admins  are  not tracking anyone or doing anything malicious. However,
we are using a distributed trust internally, so if anyone comes asking
for  customer info, they won't get them without NSA letters to all our
associates  in  all  our  jurisdictions.  And  naurally, free users of
torpark we don't have any records of anyway.

4)  The  online  tutorial  is  only a video for streaming. Perhaps you
would  prefer  to download the 25mb file directly? Or perhaps you know
of  a  way  to  stream video without using scripting? I'll be happy to

5)  Offshore  from  the  USA,  UK,  etc.  We  have servers in Germany,
Malaysia,  and  some other hidden places. Currently none in the USA or
UK,  etc.  Unfortunately,  it  is  better to not tell you specifically
where  they  are  because  that  makes  it much harder for agencies to
attempt  to  subpoena/court order. If they are guessing jurisdictions,
we  are  all  happier.  Bottom line is place faith in audits. Further,
Torrify  is  formed as an offshore corp in the country of Saint Kitts,
so it is not subject to US laws, only those of UK Commonwealth and the

6) http://www.hacktivismo.com

Regarding commercial anonymity, you will eventually realize that it is
the only way to go for high speed and low latency, otherwise the
network will be abused and suffer the tragedy of the commons.

Further, the browser is entirely capable of having no flash, java,
javascript, plugins, and all of those are blocked by default.

And  lastly, TORPARK IS FREE. It just isn't released under the GPL, it
is  released  under  the TESLA license, which is similar to the HESSLA
license.  Because the way it is written GPL can have malware inserted,
the TESLA makes a legally actionable violation if malware is inserted.
With such sensitive project, I insist that people are not legally able
to abuse it.



Steve Topletz