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Re: Preconfigured hidden service

Yes, if the webserver started together with Tor people wouldn't forget
to turn it on.

The reason why the number of hidden websites(hidden wiki) is not
increasing is that only professionals can run a webserver right now.
Yes bundeling a _complete_ anonymous communication package is what we
urgently need with Tor.

Since we are on the internet an anonymous communication tool should
include a ready to go webserver which is configured so that noobs are
not risking their anonymity. Something like a debian linux package. With
the next release of this anonymous communication package a new version
of the webserver, privoxy, etc would be included.

Imagine the normal user not having to start or configure anything. His
homepage would be online whenever he is using tor. Most people even
forget to start the webserver when they use tor. That would attract sooo
many new users just because of this funcionality.

If every user is a router(not necessarily an exit) and has a
webserver(securily configured by the tor team) running as soon as he
starts Tor then this would also dramatically increase the speed of the
tor network. If we make it give and take then that would totally rock.
If every user is forced to give at least 10% of this bandwith then that
would help already big time. People that want to be anonymous will not
object to this.

There would be no need to ask people kindly if they could donate some
bandwidth. Every user will understand that this is necessary. And they
are paying for internet access anyway. There is no drawback for them. By
giving they are also receiving.

I really hope that this will be implemented. I know there were lots of
discussions about this already in the archive.
But this really, really is important. Why not have 200 000 routers or
more instead of 480 knowing that these routers at least give 10% of
their bandwith?
As the internet connection speeds of users will increase in the future
Tor will automatically benefit from this. Tor is free to use and the
least thing users can do is give bandwidth.

I don't know if this is possible but how about somebody receives just as
much bandwidth as he offers himself.
If he is giving much then Tor will look for a circuit of nodes that give
just as much. In a user base of 200 000 users that should be possible.

This could prevent such attacks like the one from the Boulder university
as well.

I don't see any Tor servers from Korea for example. But there surely are
lots of users. In Korea they have very fast connections.
If all of them become Tor routers Tor would fly.

What exactly is the reason that there is a tor client and a tor server?
A button with which people choose to be an exit or not would suffice.
Only one Tor software(client & server combined) and everybody is a
router with at least 10% bandwith.

I am telling you nobody would ever use public procies again with this

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