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Re: Preconfigured hidden service

What exactly is the reason that there is a tor client and a tor server?
A button with which people choose to be an exit or not would suffice.

Right now, Tor by default is a single entity that is both client and server. The same entity that accepts Socks connections locally also accepts onion connections remotely.

And subjects both of them to the same rate limit. So, if you get a lot
of traffic relayed, your personal usage is slowed.

To get around this, I run two tors -- one a client only, one a server
only. But vidalia doesn't support that. Worse, it was a nightmare to
be able to get V to want to watch, and report on, my client setup, as
V wants to report on the one it starts. With hindsight, I had V
starting up the server-only, and was running the client-only by
script. If I had that reversed -- V starts up the client only, a
script starts up the server only -- then it would be almost trivial.

But there is no "out of the box" config that generates these two
separate setups.