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Re: Preconfigured hidden service

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Hi JT,

> is it possible to have a preconfigured hidden service in Tor as I2P has?
> After installing I2P all a user has to do is put html files in the
> htdocs folder and he is ready to go. He can look up the URL of this
> website easily.

Just a personal comment on your idea: Yes, it would be nice to enable
the other 80% to run their own hidden web server, just by moving files
into folders and clicking Next-Next-Finish. And I think this would
improve Tor.

The question is, whether this is a task for the core Tor. What I
personally like about hidden services is that they are free from any
specific protocol. You can run a web server, an ftp server, a chat
server, or whatever.

Maybe it's just a question of bundling Tor with other applications. I
could rather imagine a package with Tor, Vidalia, Privoxy, and a
pre-configured small web server that listens only to local requests.
Plus a one-page installation instruction with screenshot how to enable
the hidden server using Vidalia. Then we could address at least 60 out
of the 80% other users, without having to change Tor at all.

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