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Re: Re[2]: Ultimate solution


· You have the freedom to distribute unmodified copies of the software
(and charge for this service if You wish);

· You have the freedom of access to the source code, to inspect and
verify (and even to improve, if You can) the integrity and
functionality of the software;

· So long as You do not subvert or infringe the freedoms of end-users
by doing so, You have the freedom to change the software or to use
parts of it in new Programs; However, these softwares are not allowed
to be modified to use any commercial proxy or connectivity service or
product other than those offered by Torrify LLC or the Tor Project,
without written permission of Torrify LLC.

· You have the freedom to know You can do these things.

Sounds rather free to me...


On 3/25/07, Koh Choon Lin <open07@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 2) Torpark is not commercial, it is totally free and open source.

> And  lastly, TORPARK IS FREE. It just isn't released under the GPL, it
> is  released  under  the TESLA license, which is similar to the HESSLA
> license.  Because the way it is written GPL can have malware inserted,
> the TESLA makes a legally actionable violation if malware is inserted.

Torpark is not free software.

Kasimir Gabert