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Re: Tor Server Affecting Net Access

On Fri, Mar 23, 2007 at 01:54:38AM -0700, brianwc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > You have total transfer per day limited, but do you have total
> > transfer per second limited using BandwidthRate and BandwidthBurst?
> From my /etc/tor/torrc
> BandwidthRate 75 KB
> AccountingStart day 12:00
> AccountingMax 1 GB

Suggestions, to try in order. Let me know which one of these solves it,
so we have another data point. :)

1) Add "BandwidthBurst 75 KB" to your torrc too. Right now your
BandwidthBurst is at the default, which is 6 MB, which is certainly
enough to saturate your upstream during bursts.

2) Upgrade to, or if you can't, turn off your DirPort. The
0.1.1.x release only rate limits incoming traffic, whereas 0.1.2.x rate
limits both, including handling directory traffic well. Outgoing traffic
is probably causing your problem, whatever it is.

3) Try reducing the number 75 to a lower number. Maybe you don't
have the upstream bandwidth you think you have.

4) Drake had a good question, which was "does having Tor running degrade
your connectivity even when it's known to be hibernating?"

5) Your DSL router may have problems handling hundreds of TCP
connections at once. Are you running the most recent bios?

I don't think getting a separate IP will do much. But hey, if you
get to this point in the list, who knows. :) But once you've figured
out the issue, yay exit nodes, we could use more.

Hope that helps,