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Re[2]: Free Software and Torpark (was: Ultimate solution)

I'll address these issues since you didn't feel it was
necessary to read the followups on the thread you posted:

1) tor devs are not qualified to review the code. Shava Nerad of the
Tor project  asked me to refer someone to do QA on 3rd party win32 apps for the Tor
project, which I did. Will it ever happen? Who knows.

2) Those are not issues with Torpark but the windows operating system.
However, in a future release of Torpark we are working on even the
faults of the win os will be addressed. Those issues are 1) the way
windows treats memory, and 2) the way windows treats applications and
may cache them. Since then I have removed the section about it not
leaving traces, because it simply does as that is the nature of

3)  I have a step by step for building Torpark. Further, If you bother
to read the code, you will see it is well documented.


> TorPark is not recommended by any Tor devs or others
> working with/on Tor.

> TorPark has some unresolved issues:
> <http://archives.seul.org/or/talk/Nov-2006/msg00219.html>.

> And it is not documented well.

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