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Re: Free Software and Torpark (was: Ultimate solution)

On Sunday 25 March 2007 14:06, Fabian Keil wrote:
> ... and the people who currently don't use Torpark because it isn't
> free software and the people who don't care about Torpark itself but
> would appreciate it if the term "free software" wouldn't be watered
> down.

Watered down? C'mon. Do a google search for "free software". At least half 
of the results refer to software that is "free as in beer" vs "free as in 
speech". If you want to show the difference between "free" and "Free", 
capitalize it like everyone else. Just because something isn't "Free" 
doesn't mean you have to pay for it.

Speaking of freedom, what about a giving a software developer the freedom 
to prevent commercial abuse? Would you prefer to give them the "Freedom" 
to stop working on their software because they don't want it ripped off 
by scumbags?

>Torpark's license just doesn't give the user enough rights to
>call Torpark either free software or open source software
>without causing confusion, raised eyebrows or being laughed at.

I argue that anyone trying to redefine the english word "free" to only 
mean software licensed according to the FSF guidelines deserves to be 
laughed at.

This is a stupid argument to start with -- ignoring the license, TorPark 
should be recommended based on the quality of the code and the features 
of the software. If TorPark LLC does something evil at a later date, stop 
recommending them.