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Stealing Wheelbarrows and Nazis.. was Re: "Secondary" ways to preserve Tor anonymity/integrity

Hi Andy,

Not only off topic... a lot of real world methods are fragile ie work
only as long as the adversary(governments,military,spys) are NOT aware
of what is going on, if methods commonly known as tradecraft were
published then everyone would know and therein would defeat that
practical real life method. (nb cross indexing births and deaths came in
to wide practice by governments because of the dead baby birth
certificate method of acquiring a new identity, popular in the late
1960s to the early 1980s..)

   publishing methods would definitely not serve those using same

    a tor user
ps think nazis and the stealing wheelbarrows joke..

Andrew Del Vecchio wrote:
> Would it be off topic to discuss how various people obtain
> privacy/security in the "real world" as a way to better preserve it
> for the on-line world? I think this is a critical topic that is not
> widely discussed here, or in the IT security field in general, but I
> wouldn't want to perturb anyone by starting something seen as "off topic".
> ~Andrew