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Re: "Secondary" ways to preserve Tor anonymity/integrity

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I would contend that the dissemination of critical information of this
type is critical for the promotion of a free society. If enough people
obtain and internalize the right tactics, the powers that be will be
unable to stop it. Just look at the income tax in the US- It is
estimated that fully 50% of Americans underreport or refuse to file.
Remember, we are in the extreme majority- the thugs with guns are at
most one in ten people of the entire population. Don't let their idle
threats fool you!

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On 03/25/2007 08:45 PM, tor user wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> Not only off topic... a lot of real world methods are fragile ie work
> only as long as the adversary(governments,military,spys) are NOT aware
> of what is going on, if methods commonly known as tradecraft were
> published then everyone would know and therein would defeat that
> practical real life method. (nb cross indexing births and deaths came in
> to wide practice by governments because of the dead baby birth
> certificate method of acquiring a new identity, popular in the late
> 1960s to the early 1980s..)
>    publishing methods would definitely not serve those using same
> effectively..
>     a tor user
> ps think nazis and the stealing wheelbarrows joke..
> Andrew Del Vecchio wrote:
>> Would it be off topic to discuss how various people obtain
>> privacy/security in the "real world" as a way to better preserve it
>> for the on-line world? I think this is a critical topic that is not
>> widely discussed here, or in the IT security field in general, but I
>> wouldn't want to perturb anyone by starting something seen as "off topic".
>> ~Andrew
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