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Re: Is this a Tor exit node connecting to me?

On Mon, 26 Mar 2007 14:48:30 -0700 "Joseph B. Kowalski" 
> On Mon, 26 Mar 2007 14:06:39 -0700 Roger Dingledine 
> wrote:

>> I am beginning to wonder if the first query type should be there
>> at all though. After all, part of the motivation for running a
>> "better" dnsbl is that we had problems with sites setting up
>> lists of Tor servers, glossing over the details of what is an
>> exit server and what that means, and then encouraging everybody
>> to use their list for whatever purpose they like. Services have
>> been trained to look for "a list of IP addresses", not "a list
>> of IP addresses relative to my service". I predict a lot of
>> people will use your list in the same way as they've used every
>> other dnsbl -- and even more so once we point at it and say
>> "that's the official dnsbl you should use."
>> If a user wants to see whether a given IP address happens to be 
>> running a Tor server, and doesn't care about exit policy, then
>> I am fine sending him to a web page to look it up manually.
>> Making it easy to automate is just encouraging the wrong
>> assumptions.
>I have been thinking exactly the same thing. I've pretty much
>decided at this point that the first query type should go -- It
>just encourages people to continue to look at the whole "exit or
>not" thing the old way. Like you've noted, there are other 
>resources they can use to get finer-grained details if they really
>want them.

....And this is now done. I have removed the first query type and now
(what was) the second query type is the only query type.

Please refer to the start of this thread for usage instructions, if

Best regards,

Joe Kowalski