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Re: Ultimate solution

On Mon, 2007-26-03 at 23:53 -0700, JT wrote:
> You are making a very big mistake! In theory your are correct with what
> you are saying but you are assuming the total noob can learn how to safe
> anonymously but also give grandma a chance to surf anonymously. Grandma
> knows what a browser is but has never heard about encryption or TCP/IP.

I think that if the information is geared to the new user that they will
be able to pick it up. You don't need to get all technical to explain
everything. you could just say "if your browser doesn't display the lock
icon, like when using a banking site, your communication is anonymous
but not confidential, and may reveal identifying information."

I also think there is a real problem with the "a new user could never
understand this" thinking. One should never assume that ones audience is
less intelligent then you are. Also, even if the effort manages to only
educate 30% of the new users this is far superior to not making the
effort and having only the very enthusiastic users who have the skills
to dig up the documentation they need being educated.



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