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Re: Please RTM!...Re: Please don't recommend Tor Button!

light zoo <lightzook@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> --- JT <toruser@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > recommending the Tor Button is a security/anonymity
> > hazard. Clicking on
> > the Tor button will automatically remove the ftp
> > and gopher proxy in firefox for example. 
> These are not used with Tor and that is why the port
> is zero.  TorButton is a great extension, it is
> configured correctly and the Tor devs. recommend it,
> as do I.
> Please read up on Tor before sending emails to the
> list, it can confuse people.

Could you post a pointer to the part of the Tor
documentation that you're referring to?

The relevant parts of the documentation that
I'm aware of recommend to set the gopher and
ftp proxy settings to Privoxy, to make sure
those requests fail instead of bypassing Tor:


If the Tor button extension would indeed
remove these settings permanently, I'd consider
JT's concerns valid.


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