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Re: Please RTM!...Re: Please don't recommend Tor Button!

--- Fabian Keil <freebsd-listen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Could you post a pointer to the part of the Tor
> documentation that you're referring to?

If I have time today, yes. There is a wiki entry
stating those need to be set to break. 

I was referring to the fact it is suggested is set
those so they'll break, I wasn't specifically
referring to TorButton.  

> The relevant parts of the documentation that
> I'm aware of recommend to set the gopher and
> ftp proxy settings to Privoxy, to make sure
> those requests fail instead of bypassing Tor:

Maybe I was overly harsh then, I can see where the
confusion may came from if someone read these
sections.  If one thought you _had_ to follow the old
directions above then yes, it would seem like
TorButton is mis-configured.

> If the Tor button extension would indeed
> remove these settings permanently, I'd consider
> JT's concerns valid.

TorButton handles these correctly and does not route
them into Privoxy, it just breaks them with a zero
port...which is what was recommended by the Tor devs.
when Scott Squires when building TorButton (as far I
as remember).  

There is no need set those up to go into Privoxy if
the port is zero.


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