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Re: Please RTM!...Re: Please don't recommend Tor Button!

Torbutton 1.0.4 will handle ftp/gopher if you tell it to via it's
preferences. So what's the problem?

On 3/28/07, light zoo <lightzook@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
--- Fabian Keil <freebsd-listen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Is that a guess or did you actually verify that?
> If you did, which Firefox version were you using?

No it was not a guess, I was misinformed and so it
seems were others...I guess that's what I deserve for
just accepting information and not verifying it

It looks like you are correct, port zero means no
proxy is used

I appologize for dismissing this issue without first
verifying it myself.

So TorButton needs an update it seems after all. I
think Mike Perry is working on some other stuff with
TorButton so maybe he can correct this while he's at


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