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Re: Please add to "download" section of homepage

"Karsten N." <awxcnx@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Am Donnerstag, 29. März 2007 12:15 schrieb JT:

> > could you please add the following info to the download section of the
> > homepage (you really want tor to work)?
> >
> > 1) firefox users please disable the "send referer information" and set
> > it to 0 in about:config
> >
> > network.http.sendRefererHeader

> I think, it is better to set the referer  information to the base of the 
> actual website. It does not break down so many websites.

But it's still fairly easy to detect as the referrer
is invalid most of the time.

I think the best solution is to block the referrer
if the host has changed, but to let it pass otherwise.
It's not undetectable either, but at least it will
never result in invalid referrers.

I don't think Firefox itself can do that, but
both Polipo and Privoxy can (not for HTTPS of course).

> A nice user agent switcher is "uagen" for privoxy written by Fabian Keil:
[URLs snipped]
> (both sites only in german, may be, some know a english site)

A HTML version of uagen's (english) POD is available at:


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