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Re: Please add to "download" section of homepage

Am Donnerstag, 29. März 2007 12:15 schrieb JT:
> Hi,
> could you please add the following info to the download section of the
> homepage (you really want tor to work)?
> 1) firefox users please disable the "send referer information" and set
> it to 0 in about:config
> network.http.sendRefererHeader

I think, it is better to set the referer  information to the base of the 
actual website. It does not break down so many websites.

Firefox user may use the the plug-in "RefControl", it is more easy to change 
and save the settings for a few websites, which need a real referer:


A nice user agent switcher is "uagen" for privoxy written by Fabian Keil:

http://www.anon-web.de/anonym-surfen_privoxy.htm#uagen  (Debian package)
(both sites only in german, may be, some know a english site)

Karsten N.