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Re: Using Tor at an on-line advocacy org

> 	You're able to mail from Tor exit nodes?  My concern here is
> 	that Tor becomes part of the "damn spammer" set and is blocked
> 	accordingly.  I'm not sure what response is appropriate here.
> 	However, using Tor to defeat smtp blocks turns into that arms
> 	race problem again.  Tor, and you by proxy, can only lose.

I have no problems sending e-mail over the tor network. The used
SMTP-servers provide SSL-encryption for SMTP (port 486) or TLS encrypted
submission (port 587). It seems, for these ports are exit nodes available.

I use Thunderbird with Privoxy+TOR as proxy and the following tor
related options in the privoxy config:

forward-socks4a  /  localhost:9050 .
forwarded-connect-retries      1

I got never a timeout over more the 3 month.

Karsten N.