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Re: Using Tor at an on-line advocacy org

On Wed, Mar 21, 2007 at 08:53:24PM -0700, firefox-gen@xxxxxxxxxx wrote 4.0K bytes in 90 lines about:
: the point that we would be totally screwed if Congress did this to us
: for political reasons. Many sites now feature CAPCHA and other
: multi-stage implementations that make our back-end work a pain in the

	You and other organizations would be completely screwed, yes.  I
	see this as an unlikely ocurrence.

: Speaking of spam, are you familiar with the SPF framework? I recently
: read a Linux Mag article demonstrating how it is not all that
: effective in stopping spam. Implementation takes only a few minutes,
: but should I even bother bringing this up (I'm the IT peon not the one
: in charge)?

	This is getting off-topic, but yes, I know and use SPF.
	Unfortunately, any solution that requires 100% compliance to
	work well, isn't going to work well in the real world.  I fear
	the same for DKIM.