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Re: Ultimate solution

On Fri, Mar 23, 2007 at 03:32:15PM +0000, sy_c16@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote 0.8K bytes in 20 lines about:
: Yes, please come out with a ready server package. I am
: a noob who sometimes don't even understand the
: messages in the log (and not at all the debug log).

	Tor is a server and client in the same package.  Configuring Tor
	as a server is easy.  Configuring the rest of your network and
	firewalls to allow traffic to ebb and flow is not always so
	easy.  Even there existed a LiveCD for a Tor server that
	magically configures itself on start, getting it to work with
	the network isn't so "boot and run" easy.  There is a 3-step
	process to getting a Tor server up and running:

	Or you can use Vidalia to make it easier.  The hard part is
	firewalls, NAT, port forwarding, etc.  Universal Plug and Play
	(UPNP) is used by some vendors to make their software
	autoconfigure the network for you.  Most security conscious
	people disable UPNP because of the poor implementations from a
	security perspective.  Search the web for "UPNP exploits", for an
	example.  Therefore, this makes the problem set Tor has to test
	and solve far more complex.  We rely upon the user to know their
	network better than Tor can ever ascertain.  

	Our FAQ tries to answer many of these questions for you.  Or,
	there is OR-TALK for help.  If our documentation is lacking,
	please let us know how to make it more clear and better.  We'll
	also happily accept updates to the wiki or patches to the actual

	We'll happily accept "Tor Server in a box" type bundles.  If you
	can magically figure out the networking parts of it, "go you!"