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Re: Ultimate solution

On Sat, Mar 24, 2007 at 08:03:08AM +0000, sy_c16@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote 1.4K bytes in 39 lines about:
: I am told that my router is a firewall. There are also
: Windows' own firewall and other commercial 'total
: protection suites'. I know what gnats are but not what
: a NAT is. And please, how do I 'punch a hole' in any
: of them?

	See, that's my point.  Tor can only do so much.  Figuring out
	how to change your firewalls, NATs, 'total protection suites',
	and routers is nearly impossible.  There are things we would
	like to do to make Tor easier to be a point-click-server.  There
	are things we'd like to not have to do to be a
	point-click-server.  One of these is magically be able to
	auto-configure every operating system, network, firewall, 'total
	protection suite', and router.  Yes, that's both the "we'd like
	to do it" and "we'd like not to do it".
: So why should java and javascript be a problem?

	Regardless of OS, this FAQ answer is valid:

: Trying to help case by case will likely take up an
: unacceptable amount of the developers' time.
: Efficiency  lies in standardisation and mass
: production. So Mr Freemor, I concur with you on the

	Yes, standardization is great.  And the great thing about
	standardization in the world is there are so many standards from
	which to choose.  The Tor client is pretty much mass produced
	and easy to use.  We continue to work on the server end, but the
	realities of passing traffic keep getting in the way.

	I hear the collective frustration and desire for a point-click-server
	solution.  Help us work on solutions.

	As for your specific case, sy_c16, we're happy to help you out
	in getting a server running.