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Re: Ultimate solution

Dear Mr phobos, I know just enough to enable loggin,
and I can see there is something called UPNP disabled.
Right. But I didn't do it. Where is it, and should I
turn it on?

I am told that my router is a firewall. There are also
Windows' own firewall and other commercial 'total
protection suites'. I know what gnats are but not what
a NAT is. And please, how do I 'punch a hole' in any
of them?

I did use Vidalia. No success in my log. For my Linux
box, lotsa handshakes, onion skins, 3 cells, 6 cells,
a child wants to read, another wants to write, more
handshakes, then warning failure orport not reachable.

OT, I have a linux box because I am so fed up with
being hacked and remote-administered, and Debian said
nothing could be installed without my root password -
I hope I understood this much correctly?

So why should java and javascript be a problem?

Trying to help case by case will likely take up an
unacceptable amount of the developers' time.
Efficiency  lies in standardisation and mass
production. So Mr Freemor, I concur with you on the
need for user education. I absolutely agree with Mr
del Vacchio about making the process as painless as


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