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Talks of hidden services and DNS

Hello everybody,

I am new to this list (and Tor in general), but I have been wanting to
contribute for awhile.

As I understand it (correct me if I am wrong -- I am very new), the
.onion TLDs are built up from two hexadecimal parts, so they are
cannot be something that is easy to remember (such as

I am wondering whether there have been any talks of running a DNS
system (outside of Tor) that would convert something like .hidden TLDs
into .onion.  This would allow server administrators to pick domains
that make sense, and would allow publishing things as hidden services
to become more broadly used.

It would not have to run inside of Tor, but would have to be
accessible to Tor.  I think most of the current tools for DNS (BIND
and such) would work relatively well, and might require only a few
hacks (we could even have everything just be CNAMEs instead of A

Am I missing something big?  I think this would make running hidden
services much easier if Tor gets larger -- and they will be much more
enticing to use for the Tor users.

Kasimir Gabert