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Re: Is this for real?

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Well, that's the problem with power, those in power enjoy rubbing it
in the face of those they have power over.  Remember, I believe it was
Lord Acton who said "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts
absolutely".  While I doubt it's a serious threat, still the potential
exists, and given the current political climate it would not surprise
me if they ran a server under a name like that just to scare people
into not using Tor.

Karsten Loesing wrote:
| > Yeah, that's the problem, given it says NSA, who knows for sure.  As
| > arrogant as govt. has gotten in the last few years it would not
| > surprise me one bit to see them run a server under that name.
| But wouldn't they have even more fun, if they called their server
| "WeLovePrivacy"? At least, I would have, if I were them... ;)
| Don't worry, the probability that it's an NSA server is the same as for
| every other server in the Tor network.
| Karsten


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