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Re: Is this for real?

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Yeah, that's the problem, given it says NSA, who knows for sure.  As
arrogant as govt. has gotten in the last few years it would not
surprise me one bit to see them run a server under that name.

Ringo Kamens wrote:
| Yeah I also noticed that server. I get routed through it a lot as an
| entry guard. Based on the IP I don't think the NSA runs it but who
| knows.
| Ringo Kamens
| On 3/31/07, Thomas M. Jett <free_dixie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
| I just opened Tork and there in the server list was a server named
| NSAFortMeade.  Is this for real, or is the NSA running a Tor Server?
| If it's for real, it's going to spook a lot of people away from Tor,
| at least those who are inclined to use Tor for political reasons.
| PS: let me ad an addendum, the server in question is in the
| Routers/Entry Guards list.

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