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Re: I am at my wits end, I cant register for account at digg.com using tor

On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 10:03 AM, Noiano <noiano@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> malcontent discontent wrote:
>  > I followed all the instructions for installing tor on
>  > Ubuntu.  Now I can't register at digg.com.  I tried
>  > every option I could think of to make it work but no
>  > go.  Can anybody tell me what to do so I can use tor
>  > and sign up for digg.com
>  As Ronger Dingledine said in a tor talk somewhere in germany "there are
>  a lots of stupid guys out there using tor". The stupid guys commit a lot
>  of abuses so, for example, wikipedia doesn't tor users to modify
>  anything in order to prevent abuses. Maybe digg.com does the same, I
>  don't know. You can try to change circuit by clicking "new identify" on
>  vidalia: if this works only the ip of the previous exit node was banned.
>  If it doesn't probably all tor exit nodes are banned.
>  Noiano

Couple of other options, albeit less convenient
1. Go to a library/coffee place/bookstore whatever with WiFi and
register for your account there without using tor.
2. Find a prepaid dialup card for cash.

Neither offer you anonymity quite as strongly, but then again, it
seems unlikely that you need it for digg.


P.S. Not to encourage it or anything (it's illegal in many areas) but
there is always Warddriving ;-)